The ULTIMATE Autism Book – 90 Activities

The ULTIMATE Autism Book – 90 Activities

Helping children with autism strengthen their connections―simple, supportive strategies

To help you in your efforts to help your child flourish, this book has 90 playful, evidence-based activities. Thriving with Autism provides an easy, effective toolbox to supplement and support the developmental work parents and caregivers are doing with their children. These solutions are designed for kids with autism from ages 1 to 11. The benefits can last a lifetime.

From building better conversation abilities to strengthening social skills, Thriving with Autism delivers practical, everyday ways to connect, encourage, and play. Featuring exercises like Acts of Friendliness, The Human Burrito, and Emotional Charades, this comprehensive guide encourages your child with autism to boost their communication, engagement, and self-regulation skills.

Thriving with Autism features:

  • Hands-on activities―Make learning fun with lots of lessons that can help kids across the autism spectrum. 
  • Simple strategies―Tackle these easy, research-driven activities one by one at home.
  • Engaging and practical―Find helpful tips and suggestions, as well as full-color illustrations that are sure to inspire and delight you and your child.

Editorial Reviews

Thriving with Autism not only combines an evidence-based approach with practical strategies for parents and teachers to engage and connect with their children, but even more importantly, it’s fun! When learning is fun, relationships are strengthened, precious memories are created, and essential skills are learned faster. Whether you are looking to teach communication skills, social skills, or various other important life skills, the activities in this book are for you. This book details simple ways to engage in each activity and why it works. As someone who has been in the field for more than 20 years, this is one book that I feel confident recommending to parents, educators and therapists alike.” ―Denise Eckman, PsyD, BCBA-D, President & Executive Director of Creative Behavior Interventions

“What a great resource for clinicians and families for expanding Natural Environment Teaching opportunities. I love that Thriving with Autism includes the recommended ages and materials to have prepared for each activity. As many therapists work to create novel experiences for their clients, this book is a great tool to provide to families and staff who are engaged in ABA.” ―Renee Suss Keisman, MAT, BCBA, founder of Love 2 Learn Consulting

Thriving with Autism is the perfect book for parents who are seeking ways to connect with and teach their children. One of Katie’s many talents is her ability to make effective ABA strategies for children with autism easy to understand for both parents and front-line staff. The activities in this book are clearly explained, fun for children, and most importantly, based on proven evidence-based-practices derived from the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. I have recommended it to both the parents I coach and the staff I train in order to expand their ability to provide a successful educational environment that is joyful and entertaining for the learner.” ―Lily Shih, MA, BCBA Clinical Director & CEO of Shih Applied Behavior Analysis

“When my child was diagnosed with high functioning autism, I was at a loss! Having the opportunity as a parent to collaborate with Katie Cook as a BCBA was insightful, and now that she has written Thriving with Autism it gives me the chance as a special education teacher to share this book with parents who may also feel at a loss with engaging with their children. Thriving with Autism is an amazing resource when parenting a young child with autism!” ―Maria Rodriguez, M.Ed., Special Education, Education Specialist: Mild-Moderate Teaching Credential, creator of Parenting and Autism – The Journey

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