Spill the Tea on ATCC

Spill the Tea on ATCC

Listen up y’all, gather round and hear

I’ve got a story to tell, so lend me your ear

It’s about becoming an RBT, you see

A Registered Behavior Technician, that’s what you’ll be

First things first, you must be of age

18 years old, that’s the first page

And with that, you need a diploma or its equivalent

No ifs, ands, or buts, that’s just what they meant

Now it’s time for the training, 40 hours in all

Don’t try to cheat or cut corners, you’ll hit a wall

Pay attention, take notes, and don’t fall asleep

Or else your understanding won’t be very deep

Next comes the Competency Assessment, oh boy

You’ll need to show your skills, like a child’s favorite toy

A BCBA will evaluate your understanding

But don’t be nervous, it’s not that demanding

But before that, a background check must be done

By a BCBA, no less, to make sure you’re not a con

Don’t worry, just be honest and true

And you’ll pass with flying colors, that’s the clue

Then it’s time to fill out the RBT application online

Submit all the completion docs, don’t waste time

Double-check for errors, make sure it’s all neat

And before you know it, you’re halfway through the feat

Last but not least, the multiple-choice exam

You can’t just guess, or you’ll be in a jam

Find a Pearson Testing Center, it’s not far

And once you pass, you’ll be a superstar!

So there you have it, the steps to becoming an RBT

It’s not too hard, just follow these steps, and you’ll see

But remember, being funny and rhyming is just for fun

When it comes to RBT, take it seriously, and you’ll be number one!

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