Create an Outstanding Autism Therapy Cover Letter

Once it’s time to venture out and find that Autism Therapy career you’ve been preparing for with Autism Therapy Career College (ATCC), we’ve got you covered! Writing a cover letter can be tricky, so here are some insider tips for making yours stand out from the crowd.

  1. Scratch the Stiffness– Being too formal can seem robotic, even self-doubting.  Be yourself by allowing your true voice to speak through. Show how you are friendly and approachable, the kind of employee all agencies seek to work with their exceptional students.


  1. Cut the Fluff– Generic terms like “hard worker” and “people-person” is overused. Instead, show off your qualities and skills by writing, “I dedicated myself to completing ATCC and earning my RBT in the quickest time possible and know my strong determination will allow me to providing the highest quality ABA therapy to the children I work with so they can grow and discover their unique potential.


  1. Portray your Purpose– Everyone has a story to tell. Explain a little about why you got into the field of Autism Therapy. What drew you to help children with Autism? How do you stand out from all the rest?

Another great thing about ATCC is its one-of-a-kind RBT® Career Placement Center offering students’ career services during the program and after graduation. This support for students and alumni includes: Resume Writing Support, Access to RBT® Interview Preparation, Networking Opportunities, Job Listings, and much more!


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